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Success Stories

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J. T., a 7th-grader, brought his art work to give to me today. This is how he views himself: his personal transformation from 9 months of vision therapy. It is a privilege to help youngsters, one-at-a-time, to make significant gains in wisdom and stature; in academics and athletics; with sequencing tasks, visual thinking and processing; to sleep in his own bed all night long: without nightmares, screaming from night-terrors and sleep-walking into his parents' bedroom every night. No more messy car-sickness. Now, J. T. has normal "eyes-contact" while talking with his parents and others as he no longer "stares and 'zones-out'," no longer has headaches, "eye-pain" nor has double vision (which had previously been undiagnosed). No more anxiety. J.T. has benefited by wearing simple therapeutic lenses and has had sterling results from 30 one-hour neurological rehabilitative visits in Pandora, from August 2022 to May 2023. Although little-known in the general public, vision therapy has been a very efficacious treatment modality, offered by optometrists since the 1920's. It continues to be a privilege for me to help individuals who have two eyes to see one.

"Where there is good vision, the kids 'sit still'!"

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